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Maurizio Rossano, Founder member and Quality Manager, ISCA Aircraft MaintenanceMaurizio Rossano, Founder member and Quality Manager
Born from a dream to create quality and safe fleet experience for the crew and passengers, ISCA Aircraft Maintenance (ISCA AM) is on a mission to provide guaranteed MRO and technical assistance to the aviation industry. “We are a brand new company with 30 years of experience on our shoulder, committed to quickly resolve failures and produce effective and decisive interventions for the aircraft industry at an affordable price,” says Maurizio Rossano, Founder member and Quality Manager of ISCA AM.

As the aviation sector is always prone to significant risks and challenges, ISCA AM is dedicated to offering continuous assistance at all times to help various airlines maintain their aircraft. The company credits its success to the highly-skilled, reliable, and competent engineers that interact with flight departments, MCC, and crew members during distressing times to resolve technical problems. They have implemented adequate solutions for all the interventions required during an emergency with complete attention to quality and compliance standards imposed by the EASA regulation. ISCA AM also offers winter assistance for long-term aircraft parking and aircraft slurs from one base to another. The company also offers a unique cockpit disinfecting service and flight attendant stations.

Further, ISCA AM has a technical network that makes it easy for its team to cover any request related to the Aircraft Transport.
And, if there’s a request that is impossible to solve, the company believes in connecting with other MROs or companies to ensure that the request is solved. They trust in complete honesty, full synergy, and problem-solving. ISCA AM is one of the first companies to provide ongoing assistance to low-cost, private, and seasonal aircraft carriers without making them organize expensive foreign airbases.

One of the reasons why customers turn toward ISCA AM is because of its competence, speed, and excellence in assisting customers and helping them overcome troublesome situations. As a custom, whenever a problem is highlighted, the company’s engineer immediately interacts with all the necessary entities to perform the first troubleshooting and appropriately informs the Management of ISCA AM to organize every support to resolve that problem. The company considers customers and passengers their top priority; hence they take AOG as an important moment and manage it with the utmost professionalism.

For instance, ISCA AM started their business with the Lamezia Terme Airport, SUF, and helped them carry out new direct flights from Lamezia Terme to Milan and minimize the continued one-stop flights to other Intercontinental stops. ISCA AM also provided advanced technologies like the famous “wireless 3M-PELTOR Bluetooth headphones” at Lamezia Terme airport for Earth assistance.

Having garnered extensive acclaim among the airports in the south of Italy, ISCA AM has now extended its base from Lamezia Terme, SUF, to Palermo, PMO. The company is also aiming to open a new base in Trapani, TPS, to encourage and help develop the Airport and make them known by other carriers and MROs. Currently, the company has started a new education and training project intending to train new Aircraft Engineers with the AML Aircraft Maintenance License to undertake the profession of the qualified aeronautical maintainer. “Our majorcustomer is ALBASTAR, a Spanish charter and scheduled airline based company,” says Rossano.

A bright future awaits ISCA AM as they are already planning to expand their technical support to other types of aircraft and helicopters, provide commercial branch material to airports, and design the interiors of the airmobile with technical elements. ISCA AM is planning to contract with STC holders to deploy advanced technologies like “free internet communication” on the general aircraft. This will give their customers the possibility to exchange technical data to check the system’s performance and secondary failures onboard and then anticipate their resolution. With such developments lined up for the company, Rossano extols, “Looking back, we will definitely be proud of our journey of how we grew from a seed, and how many customers we have assisted satisfactorily.”
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ISCA Aircraft Maintenance

Cosenza, CS, ITALIA

Maurizio Rossano, Founder member and Quality Manager

ISCA Aircraft Maintenance (ISCA AM) is an ONLINE technical assistance and maintenance Company that provides guaranteed MRO and technical assistance to the aeronautical industry

ISCA Aircraft Maintenance