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Top 10 Aerospace Tech Solution Companies In Europe - 2020

The global aerospace and defense (A&D) business landscape is undergoing significant disruption, driven by a keen focus on innovation and digital transformation. Despite some future uncertainty, both the commercial and defense sectors are witnessing robust growth. While the growth of commercial aerospace is primarily being driven by the increasing number of passengers, which in turn is leading to expansion initiatives; growth in the defense sector is being driven by rising natural recapitalisation cycles, focus on aligning solutions to local requirements, and the increased demand for affordable, off-the-shelf equipment.

Bearing this in mind, today, attention is being diverted on the utilisation of high-impact technologies like artificial intelligence, sensory technologies, and robotics. AI, for example, enables predictive analytics for maintenance and facilitates smart manufacturing with connected devices that provide real-time information to workers on the shop floor. The technology also offers advanced automation that enables the workforce to offload repetitive tasks and enhances real-time responses to customer issues and complaints.

Besides, with the rising cost of fuel, many firms are switching to more fuel-efficient aircraft. These aircraft are easier to maintain, and, at the same time, cut-down operation costs. Many firms are also experimenting with autonomous flight systems, and exploring around the idea of human-free flights. Alongside, the maintenance and operation of aerospace is experiencing an evolution too. The use of simulated data is helping the staff plan their repair sheet ahead of time, making the maintenance faster and more efficient.

Highlighting these new developments in the aerospace and defence space, Aerospace and Defense Review has compiled a list of leading aerospace technology solution providers to guide organisational leaders in harnessing the power of the technology to tackle today’s aeronautical challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies. We hope this issue helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven business.

We present to you Aerospace and Defense Review‘s “10 Most Promising Aerospace Tech Solution Providers in Europe– 2020.”

    Top Aerospace Tech Solution Companies In Europe

  • Arralis is a technology company providing world-leading expertise in Radio Frequency, micro, and millimetre-wave technology. The company excels in Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs), packaged component modules, proprietary antenna technology, and integrated Radar and Communications front-end platforms. Arralis' products are built with ultimate precision and innovation and are used in both global and space environments where accuracy and reliability are critical. The company also partners with other leading technology providers to build bespoke high performance, cutting-edge solutions

  • CDS designs and develops products for industrial applications in various extreme environments. The company aims to demystify the complexities of industrial-grade WSNs by encapsulating wireless devices in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components such as RF modems, sensors, and wireless gateways. This will simplify the implementation of a variety of technical solutions and communication standards in manageable, easy-to-integrate, and well-documented pieces. Working closely with the European Space Agency in recent times and other aerospace moguls, CDS is also focused on developing the best wireless technologies that not only prove useful for aerospace operations but also ground-based industries

  • AdaCore


    Founded in 1994, AdaCore is the leading provider of commercial software solutions for Ada, a state-of-the-art programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where safety, security, and reliability are critical. With offices in Paris, New York and Boston, what started as a side project between a few NYU professors and their students has become the Aerospace and Defense industry's standard

  • Alen Space

    Alen Space

    Offers solutions such as IoT, aircraft surveillance and signal intelligence in order to improve the control and increase safety of the aircraft. Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) makes it possible to analyse the electromagnetic spectrum, detect interference and transmissions by unauthorised third parties, and to identify signals originating from Earth and outer space.The ADS-B system (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) offers the aviation sector a solution to improve the control and increase the safety of aircraft

  • EXSYN Aviation Solutions

    EXSYN Aviation Solutions

    EXSYN Aviation Solutions offers various products and services to improve fleet performance by providing digital solutions and advise that focus on aircraft data and airworthiness management. Driven by the purpose of supporting airlines and MRO’s to adapting to an increasingly digital aviation world. Our solutions are driven out of real airline use-cases and our skills are specific and fine-tuned. We are aviation engineering and aircraft data specialists, with our skills, expertise and solutions we elevate and empower airlines and MRO's to: Arrow up increase efficiency, automation & data quality and arrow down reduce costs, manual data entry & human induced errors



    In 2016, a group of engineers and scientists associated with the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice decided to turn their passion into reality and start a company that would combine science with business. KP Labs is a NewSpace company based in Poland. We support deep space exploration with enhanced spacecraft autonomy and develop new technologies including hyperspectral imaging instruments and high-efficiency Data Processing Units

  • MPS


    Provides a product line with a full range of smart training devices for pilot training.Our simulators are fixed base and are equipped with the latest technology providing you with the following benefits: Most cost-effective certified flight simulators in the world.Allow more training for less costs.High quality Boeing and Airbus type specific simulators.Software updates available for lifetime of the unit.Certification support with the local authorities.Smart technology providing additional training possibilities

  • Mynaric


    Mynaric was founded in 2009 with the goal of commercializing wireless laser communication for aerospace applications. In 2012, Mynaric started working with customers on demonstrations of air-to-ground and air-to-air scenarios to advance technology and achieve product-level maturity.In 2017, Mynaric continued on its growth path with a flotation on the German stock exchange to raise growth capital to enter serial production.

  • NanoAvionics


    NanoAvionics is a team of 80 aerospace engineers who have over seventy-five successful nano-satellite missions and commercial projects under their belt. We are proud to be enabling numerous space-based businesses by supplying the market with our multi-purpose, high-performance – and at the same time – the most affordable nano-satellite buses. Besides manufacturing of preconfigured buses, we also assist our Customers in mission logistics, integration and launch brokerage.

  • SERVITEC Aircraft Maintenace

    SERVITEC  Aircraft Maintenace

    Servitec Aircraft Maintenance was created in 2009 as a branch of aeronautical services within the group of industrial services that formed part of a leading Spanish industrial corporation of technological products "on board" for the railway sector. Benefits air traffic operators of any size and nature, by carrying out comprehensive online aeronautical maintenance activities and auxiliary support services, with criteria of quality, flexibility and efficiency